We accept clothing and house ware consignments Mon-Wed. We accept furniture and electronic consignments anytime during business hours.

Consignor Agreement 

All CLOTHING and Housewares must be clean, seasonal and in excellent condition. If we have to clean, repair or assemble any item, it becomes the sole property of The Back Door, Inc. Please see Guidelines for further details and a list of items we do not accept for consignment. All items will be sold on a consignment basis with 50% from the proceeds of each sale being retained by The Back Door, Inc.  Retrieving items that are listed or posted on websites or other entities are not permitted!

The Back Door, Inc. reserves the right to select and price the goods brought in for consignment at our discretion. 

Clothing held after 30 days will be reduced by 50% and held for one week. After 38 days said clothing will become the sol property of The Back Door, Inc. to do with as they please. Furniture, Housewares, Jewelry and other non-clothing items will be held for 90 days. 

If items are picked up by a consignor for any reason before 90 days from the time they were consigned, 50% of of the purchase price of said item will be charged to the consignor. Due to the cost of our square footage space, large items that do not sell within 90 days must be picked up by the consignor. We will make two attempts to notify you to request you to pick up your unsold items. 30 days after our second attempt to reach you, items not picked up will become the sole property of The Back Door, Inc. 

The Back Door, Inc. reserves the right to reduce the price of any item at any given point in time. 

All consignor profits NOT collected within 12 months from the date of each individual sale will be turned over to The Back Door, Inc. 

The Back Door, Inc. will not be held liable for any damages or loss of any item due to fire, theft or natural disaster. 

By signing this document, I (the consignor) agree to the conditions stated above and agree that this is the only notice that will be given to me of potential reductions in price. I also attest to the best of my knowledge that all items I consign with The Back Door, Inc. are not stolen and are legally sellable. 

Guidelines for What to Consign

We appreciate your business! 

We want your experience to be both fun and profitable for you. 


Clothing and shoes should be in manageable-sized bags. Tall kitchen trash bags that tie at the top are best. We RECYCLE ALL our bags several times. Please put your consignor number on the bag with a magic marker. We have markers available in our Processing Center for you to use for this purpose. Please tie your bag securely at the top. 

Clothing should be in season and in like-new condition. 

NO: fading, pulls, stains, pilling, rips, missing buttons or broken zippers. 

Shoes need to be in season and clean with little or no wear. 

Due to the large volume of clothing that is processed each day, we cannot guarantee you will get back a clothing item of yours that does not sell. If you are attached to a particular item, it would be better not to consign it. 

Household Items:

Smaller household items should be brought in a cardboard box whenever possible with your consignor number printed on the box. This will prevent your items from getting mixed in with other consignors' items. Larger, loose items also need to be identified with your number. We have scrap paper, pens, tape and other items in the Processing Center for you to use for this purpose. Curtains, tablecloths, bedding and similar items should be brought in bags. 


If there is an item of particular note, a piece of artwork, antique, or fine jewelry, for example, that you are hoping to get a specific amount for, or that needs special attention, PLEASE let us know or write a note and attach it to that item so we can use it as a starting point when pricing it. 


Sporting Goods                       T-Shirts/Sweatshirts/Sweatpants

Cameras                                 Children Clothing and Shoes

Hangers                                  Curling/Crimping Irons/Blow Dryers

Clock Radios                          Toys/Puzzles/Board Games

Tupperware/Similar                Books (Excluding Coffee Table or Cookbooks)

X-Boxes/Games/Similar          Plastic Trash Bins/Laundry Baskets

Socks/Underpants                  Telephones/Printers/Calculators/Box Televisions

Puppies, Kittens, Babies and Ex-Spouses of any kind...

No matter how cute. Thank you!


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us. 



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